We’re from the Holy City
We’re from New Palestine.
We fight in every battle
We always back our team.
We love the red and white
Yea rah team, let’s fight!

- Lyrics of the New Palestine School's song

This is a video documentation of a lecture was given by Becky Gaines, Curator of the Museum of New Palestine, Indiana on Apr 1, 2019 at Michigan State University. Gaines was invited by Palestinian Artist Qais Assali after they met first time in New Palestine. Gaines called her lecture, "Palestine With a New” where she presented on the museum’s archive, history, artifacts, press, and stories, her lecture focuses on the lives of people still in New Palestine, the culture of the town and those found/archived materials collected by people from the town. The event supported by MSU's Muslim Studies Program and the Students United for Palestinian Rights.

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