How to use art, design and visual communication tools to unpack geopolitical identities? From this question, artists/designers from Palestinian Association for Contemporary Art (PACA) and Michigan State University (MSU) are creating new forms of exchange, challenging borders of language, politics, geography, technology and time-scale to use as points of departure.
In opening of this collaboration, two opposing names were given to the exchange. From Palestine: “Non-Geographic, Non-Political Dialogue” and from Michigan: “Critical Geopolitics in Collaborative Practices.” 
Immediately the desire to make non-political art clashed with the importance of addressing the poignant positionalities of the collaborators in relation to one another.
These works were created in a liminal space between two groups entangled within the reality of an occupation. The MSU Global Travel Registry classifies Palestine simply as “Unknown.” Inevitability, this act invents a new set of borders between what is “unknown” and what is acknowledged. This systemic erasure represent this exchange more than either of the names had created initially.