The Kingdom

Performative videos Installation and booklet, 6 min

During the difficult times in the Middle East, Jordan is considered to be a safe haven for the refugees from the surrounding countries. However, This situation is not a new one as Jordan has been considered the second home of Palestinians. These video and booklet contain several people from different Arab nationalities, based in Jordan in the meantime, singing the Anthem of their countries or the country where they were raised or currently live in. While this work can be understood within the broader context of Arab struggles, it simply and persistently negotiates existence and place in this part of the world. Dealing with how identity is shaped in a context of inaccessibility and loss, the work intimately expresses concerned with barriers, land, longing and, ultimately, belonging.

During the process leading to these videos, it became increasingly clear to me how barriers, land, longing, and “identity” inform, shape and define each other. This work explores the boundaries between portraiture, identity and performance art.


فيديو أدائي وكتيب، ٦ دقائق

يعرض الفيديو أداءً منفرداً لأشخاصٍ من مختلف جنسيات الوطن العربي وقد أقاموا في الأردن، وهم ينشدون النشيد الوطني الخاص بأوطانهم، أوبالدولة التي تربوا فيها، أو يعيشون بها حالياً

Exhibited at: 

- 'The Nakba of his Inauguration', The Overlook Place, Chicago, IL, USA 2018

- ‘/si:n/ Festival of Video Art & Performance’, Palestine 2015

- ‘Local – Mahalee’, Darat Al-Funun, Amman, Jordan 2015

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