Odd billboard on Post and 52 (2020) is a 54 framed prints, 5x7 inches each presents a repeated image of a billboard I advertised for a few weeks in New Palestine, Indiana. In an article written in Indiana, I was able to allay the local concern and confusion regarding the billboard. The community's real feedback and debates on a social networking service Nextdoor shared with me and added on the top of the image. Each with a different comment by a community member from the town. 

Displacing a caption of an image from its own image to create tens of captions for the same image. In white over black billboard says: Notice on the top picture the name of the town was once Palestine. A quoted caption taken from an archival image found in the Museum of New Palestine, IN. Through this consuming act of reading, the passer-buy admits this "truth". This aesthetic advertisement, speculation and communication within a view of another New Palestine, showing love to Ohio from Indiana.


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