The Water-Carrier Died السقا مات

Mohsen Ramsis, Bassam Habib, Keria Nashed

June 13 - August 30, 2022, Vanderbilt University, Space 204 Gallery 

Nashville-based Coptic Artists Show, co-organized with Lydia Yousief, Coptic Nashville Project, and Elmahaba Center

Curated by Qais Assali

The Water-Carrier Died (Arabic: السقا مات, transliterated as Al-saqqa mat) is the first exhibition features three generations of artists from Nashville’s Coptic community focusing on this Egyptian Christian refugee community, Nashville’s Copts in Tennessee’s capital. The sentence on the exhibition wall quoted based on Yusuf al-Sibai’s original novel from 1952 centered on the philosophy of life and death, translates as, “Death is a coward, why would I be afraid of such a coward”. 

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